Q: Can you sponsor us?

A: We tend to sponsor boardriders and artist alike. However due to our very limited resources we can't support every cause. You can reach to us by email (info@icebeaver.fi) and see what's up!

Q: Where can i buy your beer?

A: Please check our Beaverhunter map and facebook for updates


Q: Can I buy beer directly from you warehouse?

A: At the moment it's not possible. This will change in 2018.


Q: I want to buy an ice beaver hoodie/shirt?

A: Thanks so much for the support. Pleas check our webstore or contact jussi@icebeaver.fi


Q: I want to brew a private label beer?

A: Contact info@icebeaver.fi and we'll see if we can make it happen


Q: I want to book a tasting?

A: The best way to book an Ice Beaver beer tasting is to visit beerger.fi or email info@icebeaver.fi